Un Mundo Extraño

Un Mundo Extraño Showcase


Saludos, amigos! Bienvenidos a Un Mundo Extraño! With this collection of films from faraway lands, we will get a peek into the fears, fancies, and nightmares of artists who paint with darker hues. The stories contained here range from frighteningly realistic to dreamily fantastical, but all are about emotions some of us are afraid to explore! From some of the most imaginative creators working today–join us for Un Mundo Extraño! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you safe! Co-Presented by Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

The Curse of the Werewolf

Dir. Terence Fisher
(United Kingdom, 91 min., 1961, English, Horror)
3/20 / 1:00 / DGC

The Film Geeks and the San Diego Latino Film Festival are teaming up to bring you this “blast from the past” horror masterpiece set in Spain produced by the iconic Hammer Horror Studios. A man with brutal and macabre origins begins experiencing violent urges. When he can no longer contain himself, he transforms into a werewolf, terrorizing the Spanish countryside.

Los parecidos

Dir. Isaac Ezban
(Mexico, 89 min., 2015, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Science Fiction / Fantasy)
3/12 / 8:45 / S9
3/19 / 7:10 / S3

Cassandra Ciangherotti, Gustavo Sanchez Parra, and Humberto Busto star in this mind-bending chiller from director Isaac Ezban (El incidente). In the wee hours of October 2, 1968, eight strangers are stranded at a remote bus station. A fantastical turn of events begins creating physical similarities among them. Paranoid and consumed by fear of losing their individual identities, they begin to clash and fight among themselves, setting the stage for a startling revelation none of them is prepared for. Un Mundo Extraño Showcase.

Plan sexenal

Dir. Santiago Cendejas
(Mexico, 85 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Crime / Drama / Horror)
3/11 / 9:20 / S3
3/12 / 10:15 / S3
3/19 / 10:15 / S1

On a night with blackouts and civil unrest in a Mexico City suburb, Juan and Mercedes use their makeshift generator to keep their housewarming party going after curfew. A cop arrives to break up the rowdy event, warning them about the unsafe neighborhood and offering protection—for a fee. The unexpected proposition causes tension between the couple, and when a mysterious stalker begins to prowl, they’re helpless against an increasingly bizarre and suspenseful siege. Un Mundo Extraño Showcase.

Scherzo Diabolico

Dir. Adrián García Bogliano
(Mexico, 91 min., 2015, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Comedy / Horror / Thriller)
3/10 / 9:30 / S2

Aram (Francisco Barreiro), a bored accountant, can’t win for losing. Passed over for a promotion at work and nagged incessantly by his wife, he feels generally disrespected by everyone he comes in contact with. He devises a scheme to get what he feels he is owed. After kidnapping a young girl and holding her for ransom, things soon go straight to hell. Un Mundo Extraño Showcase.

Tale of Tales

Dir. Matteo Garrone
(Italy / France / United Kingdom, 125 min., 2015, English, Fantasy / Horror)
3/18 / 9:15 / S2
3/20 / 8:30 / S3

Salma Hayek headlines this Baroque-style fantasy/horror hybrid from visionary Italian director Matteo Garrone (Gommorah). In this collection of adult fairy tales based on the stories from Giambattista Basile, selfish rulers, sorcerers, fairies, fearsome monsters, ogres, old washerwomen, acrobats and courtesans cross paths in a spectacular fashion, cross paths and learn important morality lessons in spectacular, visually astounding fashion. Un Mundo Extraño Showcase.